Sunday, March 25, 2007

What's wrong with Katie Couric?

I’ve tried to watch Katie Couric, sole female anchor on an evening news program. And despite my best intentions, I end up switching to CNN or Fox.

Funny thing is I want Couric to work because she’s female. I liked her okay when she did the peppy morning show with that other guy, the one who’s losing his hair. She seemed genuine then. She was a little perky, but I found that actually helped wake me up. I’m a slow-to-come-to type early in the morning.

I tuned into Katie a week or so ago and came to the conclusion she’s basically trying too hard. She seems to take herself as seriously as a pit in a peach (you know what’s in the peach pit, in small amounts, I hope).

She just seems stilted and not at all comfortable. Couric has a girl-next-door appeal, and I think she could make better use of it.

While I’m on the subject of network news, why do all these anchors dress up so much? The rest of us are usually coming down from the plane of work, looking for the nearest comfortable clothing to put on our bodies so we can coast on low.

I think some brave network news anchor should opt for denim. That at least would give us something different to look at.

Meanwhile, I still get most of my news from print media and the Net.

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