Monday, August 4, 2008

Blog-flagging in the spirit of politics

Someone flagged this blog as a SPAM blog, requiring an investigation by Google. This practice seems to be increasing--a reader will react negatively to the editorial content and decide to cause problems for the blogger.

I don't post here regularly anymore. I maintain a blog at Squarespace, The US Report. I pay for that blog, so flagging it will not have the same effect it does at Blogger.

I have definite political persuasions, but I enjoy hearing from those with opposing views and reading editorials that may not be in line with my own ideas. I realize the post on Hezbollah is not a popular view. I happen to think media and the public have been largely duped when it comes to terrorist groups. It's not politically correct at the moment to call a terrorist a terrorist.

If the person who flagged this blog is reading this post, I'd like to suggest you open your mind. Even if you don't agree with me, here in America, we are free to speak our minds. Flag away. Google won't mind. And I won't either. I'll continue to write what I believe.

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