Friday, February 16, 2007

Bonsai, Texas deputy Gilmer Hernandez and poetry

Lately the variety in subject matter has kept me on my freelancing toes.

National Poetry Month is just around the corner, and you can read my Poetry Beat column suggesting ways to celebrate and asking how your city celebrates at The Writer magazine online. There are many columns archived there. I did a column with poets who blog, learning how blogging connects writers to readers. There's an interview with New England’s accomplished Powow Poets and a visit with poet Lee Slonimsky whose wife novelist Carol Goodman uses his poetry in her mystery novels. As an aside, I’d like to recommend any of Goodman’s books; she’s mainstream but literary and her works are page-turners. She’s amazing.Her new novel The Sonnet Lover comes out soon. Slonimsky’s poetry is also amazing; he has a new book out Pythagoras in Love.

My column at The Writer is premium content, so it’s for paid subscribers only.

Other recent publications include the Christian Science Monitor. If you’ve never eaten a kumquat, have a look at my essay to see what you’re missing. That's my fully loaded kumquat tree in the photo on this page.

There’s another essay in CSM published last week about the love poem clinic Dorothy Fletcher and I did at Starbucks Coffee Company in Jacksonville’s Lakewood community. For this essay, CSM staffer Scott Wallace did a very clever illustration.

I learned a lot about bonsai while covering a workshop for the Florida Times Union.

There’s an essay at Family Security Matters about the plight of Gilmer Hernandez, a Texas deputy who’s being handed the rawest deal imaginable from the federal government.

I have an article in an anthology, Faces of Freedom, a hardcover book edited by Rebecca Pepin, co-anchor for Tri Cities newscast in Tennessee. All proceeds from that book will go to charity. And another anthology to be issued by the WOMPO group of poets will include a sonnet I wrote.

Soon to come—a story on an environmentally friendly community in St. Augustine, written for a national magazine, another story for The Writer about Jendi Reiter and Adam Cohen’s Winning Writers site, and various essays and news stories. I freelance for UPI, but don’t get a byline for that work.

Meanwhile two book manuscripts stare me down every morning and will soon demand to be released into the world.

If you’re in the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, or Daytona areas, come see me at the events listed in the upper left corner on this page. All events except the Center Academy workshop are open to the public.

Hope you'll read some of my stories and if you do, I hope you enjoy them.

Never ever a dull moment.

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