Sunday, February 4, 2007

A few words about this site

Like others who are self-employed, I am constantly scrambling to find more time.

I’ve maintained my Book beat blog since early 2005. I’ve also maintained Creative Writer for more than a year. It seemed logical to combine my vision for each site into a single blog.

For one thing, it’s easier to post here than at the archived Creative Writer US site. For another, I tend to go off in directions not exclusively related to books. So Bookbeat also grew into this site.

I plan to keep doing what I’ve done at the previous sites. I’ll write about all aspects of the writing profession. I’ll still do occasional book reviews, especially about books overlooked by mainstream media.

All material previously published at Bookbeat and at Creative Writer US will remain online. Those sites are accessed by links at the top left of the new home page for Creative Writer US.

Please visit me here often, and let me know when you find something useful.

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