Monday, May 14, 2007

Blog Catalog Mass Buzz: cyber-experiment for bloggers

Conceived by “Monawea,” founder of, the Blog Catalog Mass Buzz experiment gets underway today.

Basically, participating bloggers post a story about our experience with Blog Catalog.

I listed Creative Writer US and my other two blogs at BC a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve met a number of bloggers and visited their sites. The “Recent Viewers” box in my sidebar on this page shows members who’ve dropped by this blog. Members have also visited Covering Florida and Media Fizz.

Anyone can submit a blog to the BC network, with approval usually coming 24-48 hours for blogs that fit the guidelines. There’s an extremely useful discussion group at the site, with lots of information about blogging in general, including ways to promote and/or make money with your site. There’s a definite camaraderie at BC, the personable sort that you don’t find at most directories.

Once accepted, you have a page of your own where you can track your blog’s ranking, see who’s listed you as a friend, and decide which neighborhoods you’d like to join. You may list your profile with a photo, and tinker with other options.

It’s too early for me to tell if listing here will have a broad impact, but I’ve learned a lot and do enjoy getting to know others who like to speak their minds on sites they control.

My blogs are also listed at Technorati, and it’s a very useful site that has definitely sent traffic my way. Other sites where I’ve listed haven’t yet returned the results I’ve seen so far with these two directories.

I’ll post about the results of our “experiment” once we have an idea of the impact. Stay tuned.

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