Thursday, May 17, 2007

New freelance gig

I inked the contract yesterday, so it’s too early to tell how things will go. But I signed on to write the Jacksonville, Fla. blog for

I’d been searching for a good blogging gig for several weeks, simply because (and obviously to readers) I like to blog. This type endeavor will fit well with the other work I do, for clients like the Florida Times Union, The Writer, UPI, and Coastal Homes. And I can still pitch the one-ups to publications I love, like Christian Science Monitor. The poetry manuscript is 90% complete, and the nonfiction book is rocking along.

If you’re looking for a paid blogging position, '451press' is still looking for writers. I chose a city site because I like writing about Jacksonville—I am sure I’ll never run out of material. It appears to be a fairly painless risk for me.

I like the contract '451press' offered—good terms on rights and a compensation deal that will grow as I grow the traffic. I’ll post five days a week. I looked at many other sites, but most want either exclusive or long-term rights and there’s no means of growing the compensation.

I’ll be building the site soon, and will keep you informed about the progress. I’ll announce the launch at this site.

And if you’re a writer looking for a pretty non-stressful blog deal, you might take a look at the topics and cities open to writers.

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