Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Book on blogging hits the mark

A fellow member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors recently recommended a book on blogging. Start your Own Blogging Business by J. S. McDougall delivers what she said it would and more.

The book covers blogging from startup to revenue earning, offering information for hobby bloggers and those who blog for business purposes. There's a chapter on blogging services; I thought I knew them all but I discovered a couple I didn't know about. Chapters on generating traffic, keywords and search engine optimization, as well as dealing with ads from affiliates like Google AdSense place information in front of you in an easy-to-read, non-boring style. There's a section on donation services, like the Amazon Honor System. This would never have occurred to me, but it seems to be an especially good idea for lit zine sites and others who have expenses but no ready source of revenue.

The book really inspired me to do some things differently and keep doing some other things the same way--what I'm doing right is by trial and error because that's how I learned everything I know about blogging.

McDougall's book, published by Entrepreneur Press, is a great book for the home office. It's the information that's useful; the editing could be improved. I highly recommend it, and please note this is not a paid review. I didn't know the book existed until it was recommended to me.

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