Monday, January 14, 2008

Great marketing Web sites for writers

The Web is a great resource for writers because so many professionals make information available free. I’ve come across some sites that are useful to me, and hopefully, they’ll be useful to you as well. Most writers focus on process and that’s the way it should be. But if you want to sell your work, or if you want to market your book, information from insiders comes in handy. It's true that I spend time speaking at events like the presentation I did for a civic group here in Florida. But sometimes you can devote an hour or two on the Web and accomplish just as much.

One site that is also a freelance client of mine is Beneath the Brand. This site focuses on the advertising industry and marketing in general. I learn as much as I share there. If you want to know more about branding, marketing and publicity in general, from an industry and tech perspective, this is a great resource.

Marketing Tips for Writers and Book Authors is a fairly deep site—also included are writing and business tips. This is part of the Writers-Editors site, where for a fee, you may join as a member and get listed in a freelance directory. You will also receive access to a continually updated job/markets board, and receive a regular newsletter that is definitely useful. Before I became a member of ASJA, I also obtained a press pass through this group.

Danuta Kean is an expert on publishing in the United Kingdom, and much of what she writes on her site is applicable to publishing in the U.S. All sorts of tidbits and insight, with many links.

If you thought Midwest Book Review was just a place for reviews, you’d be wrong. This site has a whole page of links to resource sites for writers.

Publishing Central is a busily designed commercial site, but there are lots of links and articles, grouped by category.

Finally, don’t forget about Zeitgeist, pages at Google where you can find top search terms for the week and hot trends. Lots to digest in these pages. (photo by Jen Day)

A reminder: read my column Web Savvy at The Writer. It’s premium content, but twice a month I bring writers news and information about Web related developments, practices and opportunities.


Cheryl said...

Very useful info, Kay! Thanks.

Kay Day said...

Those are some great resources and I am really glad you found them useful--always wonderful to see you here. Talented writers make my day! best, Kay