Thursday, November 15, 2007

Daily Kos creator Markos Moulitsas gets mainstream gig at Newsweek for presidential election coverage

Two sources—the Huffington Post and—say Newsweek has tapped enterprising liberal Markos Moulitsas to help cover the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Moulitsas founded Daily Kos and parlayed the blog to a Technorati rank of 11 and a Google page rank that any dedicated blogger can envy—a 7. The blog is a great place for reading progressive political content.

My first impulse is to congratulate Moulitsas—he’s a blogging success story. He actually makes money for this. Amazing—that’s a feat sort of like being able to skate on crushed ice.

Some conservatives have reportedly taken a dim view of the Kos penning progressive content for the iconic American news magazine. Personally, I think he’ll be a great addition to the commentary. I don’t agree with everything at Daily Kos, but the site provides interesting, well-written content. Moulitsas is tapped into the heart and soul of his political party. That makes him a credible source for that party’s politics, and it must be pointed out he can be critical of his own as well.

I’ve said it before and because this is a good talking point for my own beliefs—the United States doesn’t need a Fairness Doctrine. The marketplace takes care of that. Moulitsas successfully built a platform most authors would love to have. In the same tradition as Rush Limbaugh and his Republican principles, Moulitsas brings his party's news and platforms to Americans interested in progressive party politics and current affairs.

I’m glad to see a mainstream magazine cover all aspects of our political persuasions. And I’m glad to see a blogger who worked hard and who worked with passion achieve some sort of recognition and compensation.

For me, one of the greatest hours on TV is Hannity and Colmes. Snappy Sean and droll Alan nip at each other's politics and entertain us in the process.

Meanwhile, readers are curious to see who'll balance Kos in Newsweek.


Alan Bluehole said...

Sadly, it's agent-outer, Karl Rove.

Kay Day said...

Are you serious? Thanks for sharing. Wonder who else they'll get? Maybe they're doing a whole fleet? best, Kay

Alan Bluehole said...

Tis true:

Kay Day said...

This is one of those 'what do they have in mind?' deals. Should make Newsweek more interesting, anyway. Rove and Kos in the same pub? Who'd a thunk it? best, Kay (thanks for telling us this; I missed it)