Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NYT news desk reportedly suggests omitting dates from stories—big bad move

Charles Kaiser at Radar Online says the New York Times news desk has (reportedly) proposed omitting dates stories were filed.

Kaiser says there’s a suggestion “circulating." Kaiser quotes a NYT memo stating, "We'll still call them datelines, but they will now give only the name of the place, with no date."

Apparently, staffers want stories to retain that fresh feel. Maybe they could come up with an expiration date, like the ‘use by’ date on my milk.

It really feels silly to even talk about why this is a bad idea. Accountability. Duh, once. Wire services may abandon you. Duh, going twice.

Leave your dateline intact, NYT. You should never leave the presses (or the screen) without it. Duh for the final time.

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